Bleach TV Series DVD Boxset Ep 1-205 part 1-9 + 3 movie
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Brand New Factory Seal Box Set NIB- US& seller

Bleach TV Series DVD Limited Ed Boxset

Eps 1-205 part 1-9+

3 Movies

Episodes 1-205 + 3 movies
Audio Dolby Digital
Number of Disc(s): 30& & & & & DVD
Runtime 205 Eposides + 3 movies
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English& (On/Off)
Format/Region: NTSC (Wide Screen), DVD format, All Regions& & & (Region free),& & & & &
Plays in most& US/UK DVD player, laptop or PC DVD-rom Player.
Condition: Brand New (Factory sealed DVD box set.& Not Home made burn copies)
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Descriptions: &
Kurosaki Ichigo is a normal 15-year-old student except he could see ghosts, but his fate changed a lot when he met Kuchiki Rukia, who named herself Death. She appeared in front of him following the ghost called "Hollow". Hollow attached the spirit of Ichigo who had a strong spiritual power. Rukia came to help him, but because of the serious injury she couldn't fight the ghost. She made up her mind to share her power of Death to Ichigo. The battles of Ichigo, who happened to get the powers of Death, and Rukia, who had lost her power, has just begun.


Bleach Movie 1 Memories of Nobody

In Karakura Town, unidentifiable spirits begin appearing en masse. While attempting to deal with these strange souls, Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki meet Senna, a mysterious shinigami who wipes out most of them fairly quickly. Senna refuses to answer any questions, so Ichigo is forced to follow her while Rukia tries to find out what's going on.

Meanwhile, in Soul Society, the real world is suddenly reflected in the sky, so TMshirM Hitsugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto are sent to investigate. They meet up with Ichigo and discuss the events at the Urahara Shop, where Kisuke Urahara explains that a dimension between Soul Society and the real world, known as the Valley of Screams, has expanded to the point that it is connecting the two worlds. The souls Ichigo saw earlier are known as "Blanks", souls that were lost in the space between the worlds and have been stripped of their memories. The Blanks make up the very fabric of the Valley of Screams, but they alone could not be responsible for the size to which it has grown. He goes on to explain that the lost memories of all the souls will have formed into a single being known as the "Memory Rosary", and has Ichigo track this being down.


Bleach Movie 2 The Diamond Dust Rebellion

The King&rsquo. s Seal, an ancient artifact rumored to have the power to bend space and time, is stolen by a rogue Shinigami accompanied by two arrancar that have the ability to control fire and lightning. Toshiro Hitsugaya&rsquo. s team engaged them but they miserably failed as the two arrancar proved to be more than a match against Toshiro&rsquo. s team. The kid captain recognizes the rogue Shinigami and abandons his duty to Seireitei and pursues his opponent. This causes the Gotei 13 to suspect that Toshiro was involved in the incident and they collectively decide to put the entire squad of Toshiro on probation while the other captains hunt Toshiro down as well as the King&rsquo. s Seal..

Enter the main cha racter - Ichigo. He finds Toshiro wounded and quickly takes him to his house to help the young captain recover. When he finally wakes up, Toshiro refuses to explain the situation to Ichigo. Toshiro takes off but Ichigo manages to catch up to him and tries to force the captain to explain what&rsquo. s happening. Before Toshiro can explain, the two arrancar attack, pummeling Ichigo relentlessly. Ichigo manages to survive and even fends off the two arrancar but he falls unconscious himself and Toshiro takes the opportunity to flee the scene



Bleach Movie 3 Fade to Black

A mysterious reiatsu (spiritual particle) explosion occurs in the center of Seireitei in Soul Society, causing it to be destroyed. At the exact same time, a major change overwhelms Kuchiki Rukia, which leaves her losing something important inside. Urahara Kisuke sends Kurosaki Ichigo to Soul Society to investigate the disturbance. Upon reaching Seireitei, Ichigo is set upon and attacked by shinigamis, once allies, who have no memory of him and Rukia. Now alone and on the run, Ichigo must find the missing Rukia and uncover the cause of the mysterious incident before it's too late.









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