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Brand: 1000 Connaught
Item: QNZB8882970
Does Mosaic: Mosaic is not
Material: natural crystal / semi-precious stones
Crystal / semi-precious stones Category: Garnet
Condition: New
Style: Other Style
Shape / design: other shape / pattern
New exotic: Fabric cha racteristics
Who sent for: girls aged women ...
For the crowd: Female
Does Spot: Spot

Product Description:
A super beautiful garnet bracelet, it is relatively transparent skin Oh well suited to wear ...... Miss Bai Di has a beautiful garnet is ancient myths and timeless legends, "garnet" wang blood cardiac effects, the most appropriate use of the frail woman chills or wear.
Garnet, also known as ruby. Red garnet red can bring out the already very delicate skin MM were white

Here the initial contact with a friend to explain the garnet, the garnet and tourmaline, as very large dependence on the light. Light is good, no doubt showing off bright garnet. Appreciate against the light, you would be so addicted to it as drunk. The United States and the United States to put her friends around to show off. When bad light, the brightness will be less garnet many, such as the shy girl, has been hiding her cha rming ......

【Introduction】 garnet
(1). Help to improve the blood's problems, and promote circulation, increase vitality, and beauty and then you can take to the effect, is the preferred favorite ladies.
(2). Help to improve the reproductive system functions, and strengthening the body's regenerative capacity, it can accelerate wound healing.
(3). For often stays up late, tired workers, overtime and night and day, to actively restore their bodies.
(4): can people have an irresistible cha rm, bringing happiness and everlasting love, increase self-confidence, fight depression, help people face the traumatic memories of the past, with another point of interpretation to understand, to reach a calm state of joy. Of thinking can increase a person's inspiration, evil melt the ghost, as against external violation Body armor stone.
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Crystal attached to a long period of natural geological formation of stones, this is non-renewable resources of energy like coal with oil, will become as human exploitation and depletion, be sure to treat the natural gems please share, spiritual stones will also help the natural crystal your busy life a prosperous again.

【】 Requisition must-see natural crystal

(1) 100\% natural crystal is not perfect, and so perfect is the perfect contrast. Natural crystal ice form inside the crack, or cloud of cotton in the deposit. In this brief overview of common natural crystal "defect", for reference.

1, the ice cracks: This is the shape of the crystal is transparent, that is, its internal visual as it is cracked, there is the feeling of flower (sometimes a change in color effects). natural crystal crystallization process does not produce ice cracks, presumably, should be crystal growing process, may be an earthquake or a formation of extrusion (Earth internal stress) resulting in some of its internal "footprint" of it (the atomic arrangement of dislocation occurs), not crack. Such as rose quartz, amethyst, white crystal ball, column and so very long to see.

2, cotton or clouds: this is the shape of the crystal is transparent, that is supposed to be transparent in their internal but looks are not transparent, there is the feeling or the feeling foggy as a floccules material inside the same The most common is titanium crystal, Rutilated up inside, and usually wear over time and gradually spread out and more and more transparent. (Can not spread out, only the human body the secretion of body fluids may be due to the crystal surface gloss and improved transparency, improved transparency look)

Do not choose not to accept natural crystal.

The company also synthetic crystals for your requisition, synthetic crystal is uniform color, texture, transparent, non-Binglie crack, perfect elegant fashion

(2) All items are kind restaurant shooting, as shooting in different lighting, and other reasons, each of the displays may be a little different color, but we will minimize chromatic aberration to a minimum, most baby photo is a macro photo in the actual size will be the visual error, color and size please prevail in kind

(3) In case of express mail not received (to maintain the basic state of mobile communications will not be able to boot), product quality issues (restaurant quality absolute guarantee issued by the unconditional return). Have questions please contact our online customer service, we will serve you in the end.



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