GW Natural 8-9mm silver-gray AAA+ pearl earrings 925S
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Dear Guests:
Welcome to farmer fine pearl jewelry platform : We specialize sell Akoya pearls、South Sea Pearls 、Tahitian pearls、Genuine Cultured FreshWater pearls、Specialized pearl jewelry wholesale,retail and by order, F2C Buy Pattern=Farm to Consumer!!!Pearl Farmer>. Manufacturer >. Wholesaler >. Retailer >. Customer !!! We all product are wholesale prices and high customer satisfaction . Avoid paying for retailer's showroom and overheads, huge savings off high street prices. So start saving now by purchasing high quality pearls from us .


Welcome to Farm Direct Pearl
Lowest Priced Quality Pearls from Pearl Farm

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Style Pearl Earrings
Main Stone

Genuine Cultured Pearls






& Superior& luster , shiny surface




Very thick Nacre




& 1.82 inch (& approx 4.55cm )

Metal Accessories

Solid 925 Sterling Silver& ( 100\% 925 Sterling Silver ,925 marked )


& Beautiful box& & Exquisite gift



Additional information :

& &

& & & We can take any length for you goods and other clasp also available, If necessary,please email or call us,Thank you!

& All of our items will be shipped directly from our factory and it usually takes anywhere between 9-18 business days to get to your place via insured airmail.





Pearl Grades Shape Surface Luster Overall
AAA Virtually in perfect round shape Very light blemished , 90-95\% of surface will be free from any defect Perfect - Reflections are bright,shape and distinct Virtually flawless or almost flawless, the highest grade of Gem quality pearls
AA Close to round shape and symmetrical Lightly blemished, at least 70-75\% of the surface will be free from any defect High - Reflections are bright but not sharp, slightly hazy on edge Desirable quality,
A Oval, rounded oblong shape Moderately blemished, 50\% of the surface will be free from any defect Medium - Reflections are hazy and blurred Lower Jewelry-grade pearls, but very affordable and it's the best-sale among all pearl grades.
CQ (Commercial Quality) Off-round, Baroque or semi-baroque shape More blemishes on surface and more than 75\% of the surface showing defects Low - Reflections are dim Lowest grade pearls, considered acceptable for use in jewelry and frequently used to make Fashion & Costume Jewelry


& & & * Five points of quality in the Pearl's.

  • Luster& :one element of the pearl's quality, pearls take shape because of the time. When the layer of the pearls is going to be more thick, the luster will getting better and better.& & &
  • Fault& :From 4 years to 7 years of the pearls growth period. There will be some faults on the face of the pearls, they including bulge, hollow, convex, dents, fine lines, flaws seam, spot and ring bands. If the fewer defects on the face of the pearls, that mean the pearl's quality is better.
  • Shape :The AAA quality of pearls which shape should close the full-round. However, some non-normal round pearls after made into jewelry by design. It has a unique taste and has a special dissemination of exotic cha rm.
  • Size :In the same quality of the pearls, the relatively large diameter and more rare pearl, every increase 1mm, the value of pearls would be very different.
  • Color :pearl in the formation process, subject to water quality, nutrients and trace elements such as numerous uncertain factors, makes the show brilliant and varied colors pearl, pearl colors of the value depends on the extent of rare.

& About us&


& & & & We are a professional wholesaler of pearl culture, our beautiful farm is located in Zhe Jiang province, china region, we are engaged in pearl farming profession since 1999 has been more than 10 years, our farm has more than a decade of professional staff in dozens of people .every year we provide the global pearl market of more than 6000kg, all of us are new to offer pearls and pearl quality of our all goods prices are wholesale prices, all sales prices are not adopted any of the dealers and agents increase! you do not have to buy our pearl decoration pay any of the dealers, rental, management, taxation and other expenses, we hope that consumers can purchase more at reasonable prices to their favorite pearl jewelry.


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Why choose us


& * To buy directly from pearl farms pearl, in order to save you unnecessary costs and renovation brand value-added management costs.

& * We have over 10 years of a very good pearl sales reputation, and perfect after-sale protection services to consumers.

& & * First-hand the pearl quality, professional manual selec tion of pearls, pearl or pollution to avoid the mixed low-grade pearls

& * Traditional exquisite hand-knotted silk thread pairs, (all silk imported materials)

& * In order to prevent loss of your goods purchased, all of our products are used to send by registered package.

& * We are more professional to buy pearls.

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*$5.00/item standard shipping fee

*$2.50/item combined shipping fee for each additional item.

* Handling cost includes insurance.

* Standard shipping time is 9-18 business days, (& Business days are the actual working days of Postal Office, not including weekends and holidays.& )

* All the parcels will be shipped via Registered Air Parcel by default. Receiver's signature is required, tracking number included.

* We are available to provide Express shipping which will arrive worldwide in& 5 business& days, Please contact us for the Express shipping rate.

* All the& parcels will be shipped directly from our logistics center, we are able to ship to worldwide.

*Like other ebay sellers, we are not responsible for Customs Duty and Tax in your country. But we are a experienced seller and know how to deal with International shipping. So Why do you still need to pay tax from other sellers ?

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* We accept Payments via Paypal only, my Paypal

* If you would like to pay through Credit Card, please pay it via paypal.

* If you are buying multiple items, you can put your payment on-hold until you are all done shopping, then pay all together at the end to save on postage. We will much appreciate if you pay all items in one single payment.

* If you do not checkout all your items after 7 days, please contact us to let us know that you are still shopping.

* If your paypal payment is in pending or unclear status, we will put the shipping on-hold until the payment clears.

* We are a Paypal verified seller, please bid with confidence.




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* We have a 30 days return and refund policy.

* When you receive the item from us, if you have some questions, Please email us soon. we will resolve it for you as soon as (& Full refund or exchange is valid in 30 days after the payment was confirmed& ). Item must be returned within 30 days, Refund will be given as Money Back.

& &






* We greatly appreciate your positive feedback with high rating in 4 specific aspects:

  • Item as described.
  • Communication.
  • Shipping time.
  • shipping and handling cha rges.

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* Please give us your feedback and we will automatically leave positive feedback when we receive it from you. We will work with you until you are 100\% satisfied. Please contact us to resolve any issues before leaving us the neutral or negative feedbacks simply by sending us an Email . thank you !


After-sales service and Guarantee:


* Quality guarantee: We guarantee high-quality selec tion of natural pearls to the Internet, all of our goods to the traditional strict disinfection to ensure that it is safe! We will never sell pollution in Pearl came to the Internet, all of our pearls, the pearl of the best safety to make sure you choose the highest quality pearl jewelry.

*& Service: We sold the goods can be enjoyed after-sales support services for three years or three years, you can enjoy six free disinfection and maintenance, the system re-done-for-line service! Within two years free replacement parts, maintenance, replacement of defective parts required to return the original damage to parts! Gold \ silver accessories does not belong to the scope of one-year free replacement warranty, if you are in need of replacement or repair of gold \ silver accessories, please contact us! Thanks! All required maintenance or repair of goods, and from the mailing costs will be the consumers to bear, we do not assume any mailing costs! (Note: product repair is completed, send the cost of goods according to the actual weight of goods postage cha rge!

*& Under normal circumstances, parcels does not exceed 300g, registration fee of $ 5.00 shipping, if not our sales of goods, we do not accept after-sales service work.


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Contact us


* Please feel free to contact us when you have any question. All e-mail normally will be reply within 24 hours except hoilday We would reply all questions.

* Would like to learn about our policy for wholesale or bulk purchase, please contact us.



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The benefits of wearing the pearl on the body


& & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & * Pearl has a very high collection value and the decorative value.

& & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & * It has magical medicinal and health care functions.&

& & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & * It contains a large number of essential amino acids trace elements and vitamins B.

& & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & * It can Eyesight Clear,Detoxification myogenic and so on.


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Knowledge of pearl and maintenance


& & * Pearl& on the friction resistance is weak, has left deep scars on the surface easier to trace, in the do not wear friction and other hard objects, collections storage and other jewelry to avoid placing together.

& & & * Pearl on the acid and other chemicals resistance weaker, wearing pearl jewelry should be avoided with a variety of chemicals, acidic juice, hair spray, perfume and other contacts, if contaminated, it is timely gentle wipe with moist cotton, take a bath do not wear pearl jewelry, cosmetics, in order to avoid injury, be sure to wear pearl jewelry on after makeup.&

& & * Pearl jewelry should be avoided contact with the colored liquid to avoid being tainted with the color of hard to clean.

& * Pearls should avoid bright light exposure and high-temperature baking, prolonged strong illumination and baking will make pearls aging, loss of luster, and even discoloration.

& & * We recommend that you pearl jewelry for every year of professional inspection and maintenance in order to maintain the lasting beauty of pearl jewelry.



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Jewelry with the recommendations of Pearls


& & & Face is a major part of the body, also is a focal point for peoples&rsquo. attention. jewelry the same principle is very simple. First of all, face shape and the jewelry have to match. To meet the face, should note the following three points:


& & & * The direction of the line - there are wide and short horizontal line is the feeling of a straight line to enhance the feeling of height and gives the skinny, slash has enhanced the role of high and thin.

& & & & * Repeat-style jewelry - have emphasized the effect, so we do not want to emphasize the weakness of the face, do not repeat the type of jewelry to wear. for example, facial fat, and not wearing a number of round full circle earrings.

& & & & * Ratio of height and body type - jewelry with your height and body type should have a proper proportion. The so-called wrong, is the ratio of ordinary habits and favorite, is just right, not too small or too large proportion. For example, a 5 inches tall lady, easy to wear a bunch of 40-inch-long necklace.


& & & &

Face classification: each person's face is different conclusion can be divided into four main categories&


& & & & * Acuminate: they can be called the heart-shaped that is under the tip width. Can choose to enhance the lower face width of accessories, such as triangles (up to wear when the sharp corners), circles the child, round edges of the earrings. Window length and earrings will make your face appear longer and more pointed. The necklace-shaped repeat your face and sharp lines, not choice. Necklace and a short horizontal stripe can be sharp lines of your face are too soft. Brooch should put aside. Long and placed in the middle of the brooch will only make the face and too much appears to be too sharp angle.[v]

& & & & & * Round: if baby faces should choose a line of jewelry. Oval-shaped pendant earrings more appropriate. Round, circle the child to make the face appear rounder. Apparent angle of the jewelry line can be prominent cheekbones, reduce sounded very fat feeling. necklace appropriate length, for example, causing medium-sized long pearl necklace, you can make your face appear longer. you can also try adding the necklace&rsquo. s pendant, or a knot, the effect may be better. Brooch should caught in the middle of the next.

& & & & & * Oval: if you have an oval face, i really would like to congratulate you. This is the most perfect face shape, what shape earrings, necklaces are appropriate only to pay attention to it with your body ratio. if your face shape is oval, but somewhat too long, circular or ring-shaped earrings can make you feel lian xing give a wider perspective, you can also try a short necklace (14 to 16 inches) to achieve the desired effect.

& & & & & & * Square: few people face is square, usually with a long shape with a side of saibu. Round, oval, pendant earrings can help to reduce the [square corner] the feeling. [v]-shaped necklace with a pendant, medium to long necklace will make the face appear more slender. Brooch on the neck and the middle should have resulted in another [v] the word lines.

& & & & & & & * Neck: the length of the neck thickness and the match has also studied jewelry. if you have a long thin neck, such as movie stars KE DELI HAIRPIN-LIKE, then you need to selec t some stripes and coarse short necklace. the fat neck should wear a short or a long necklace [v]-shaped, and makes you seem more beautiful. Article straight on to lead the observer&rsquo. s eyes from looking down and increase the feeling of slender.

& & & & & & & & & Neck wrinkles, you can sell your age secret. Such as the neck patterns are too many choices can try a longer necklace, will be the peoples&rsquo. attention away from the neck to move elsewhere.

& & & & & & & * Lobe: if earlobe muscles too long or too small, you can use a round jacket or geometric-shaped earrings lines to cover the ear lobe.

& & & & & & &

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