New natural beeswax honey amber pendant Amber Aquarius
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Natural honey amber pendant semi-Perot of the Magic Gourd vase pendant Pendant Honey Amber beeswax new

Style: pendant / pendants

Amber Category: Semi-honey half-Perot

size:39 * 26 * 10MM


& The Baltic Sea natural safflower amber item falls, the very neat attractive facet safflower falls, the thorough clear light-colored amber background, inside wraps the gorgeous safflower, genuine high grade safflower light-colored amber. Safflower amber: Includes the natural air bubble amber, the whole is the light-colored amber, but the inside air bubble is red, when also forms various shapes, the variety is scarce, wears lets you feel has ease of mind, spiritual Luan Luan. Moreover, it is also love symbol, is in love the men and women to be most suitable to wear.


Safflower Perkin really cha rming amber, big, small, sharp, broken, thick, elegant piece of red flowers arranged in combination, no two are ever the same. Each one is different from other landscapes, it is no wonder that some MM bought a piece of another one. And safflower Perot has the advantage that the present synthetic hair to achieve real ones not the point, false saffron Perkin good resolution, is to stay, no layering, even on the amber can not understand the MM could see, Therefore, this fear has fake friends.

Beeswax is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, the Pure Land Buddhist symbol of light and wisdom, breeds with a very deep meaning. Esoteric, Huayan, France and China and other classics, all with beeswax worship Buddhas, Buddha heart to show unity. Esoteric as the state religion in the Qing Dynasty, the emperor offering sacrifices, all wear beads to show respect, but also a lot of purchasing beeswax transit Tibet, made of beads, used to worship Buddha, as long worship Buddha, by the lights of the heat sesame oil, and produce different changes, some of the same issue of ruby flash, some burst with bright Venus, bright magnificent, in fact, rare.Tibetan Buddhists say the ancient beeswax beads for a long time ago by the Buddha through, hold a magic power. another said beeswax strong magnetic field, so players can wear evil protect body, soothe the nerves, the frightened and in safety, and have to rheumatism, wealth accumulation effect. Amber and beeswax are the same material, traditional practice is called amber and transparent, opaque called beeswax, so amber and beeswax features the same, close wax wear for a long time because of the relationship between human body temperature, succinic acid will gradually become less transparent amber.

About Amber:



1. Amber What kind?

The world about 100-200 species of amber types, from the traditional practice of speaking: transparent as amber, opaque amber is called secret wax. Based on the professional point of view as if the yellow line, known as Amber. red line known as blood Perot. blue line known as the blue-Perot. green line called Green Perot. The black under normal light, red in bright light, revealed that Yi Perot.


2. Amber produced where?

Europe, the Baltic countries, the most famous production of amber, Poland and along the coast of the former Soviet Union is the first origin, Baltic amber variety, texture, transparent, translucent, opaque, the color yellow, red, brown, white, blue, green.


3. Amber do?

Amber looked up to as one of the metals and Buddhists, with their self-cultivation, the liturgy and ceremony, in addition to soothe the nerves and can be cha racterized as evil how to protect yourself. Amber contains succinic acid penetrates the skin to promote blood circulation, relieve muscular and nervous tension. Amber molecules and particles can form protective film skin contact, and ground into a powder with a white pearl effect. Amber modern life the most important function of their human psychological help, they can help people be more calm and have peace of mind. Modern medicine has proven that deep amber for modern appliances, such as computers, TV and precision instruments distributed by some harmful rays, have a good absorption.


4. How to distinguish between true and false amber?

1. The proportion of test: amber density of between 1.05-1.10, so the 1:4 salt, the real thing go up, counterfeit will sink.
2. Needle burn test: the needle heating caused by red, hot skin in amber, there will be pine fragrance, color black, plastic materials will be locally melted and stuck needles.
3. Ether test: can use nail polish to the surface of light water testing, Amber does not have any reaction, copal resin will be corrosion.
4. Sound Test: No mosaic of amber beads in your hand gently Roudong, will issue a very soft sound slightly dull, if the plastic or resin are more crisp sound.

5. How do maintenance amber?

Collection of amber pieces should be a single store, to avoid the collision caused by scratches. Amber is an organic gemstone category, should avoid touching chemicals. Clean cotton swab moistened with water when the surface, then wipe on the last trace vegetable oils (such as olive oil) can be dried. Maintenance is the best way for regular wear, in addition to polished amber, there were unexpected magical effects!


6, Amber type

& & & & Mrs Blood. also called Medical Perot, unearthed represent the long, transparent texture, color rich and gaudy and suspected heavy, concealed air of wealth and more to promote blood circulation to improve the effect of color.

& & & & Close wax. ancient royal Queen precious stones, opaque amber, oily texture and smooth, textured and smooth, rich harmony of the gas.

& & & & Flower Jumper. translucent amber, natural blend to give it a cover changing the texture, assertive personality is more of a unique beauty.

Amber. the ancients as the "money stone" color bright, crystal clear, with rich beauty of Korea.

& & & & Ming Po. also known as water amber, elegant color, like water-clear transparent, has a delicate beauty.

& & & & Mrs Bone. color creamy white, holy noble, more of a fine United States.

& & & & There Perot and a little green worm Perot.

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